Angling Trust & CRT Canal Pairs Qualifier

Sun 22nd July 2018 GUC Glen Parva & South Wigston

23 Pairs Fished

Bream and skimmers made up most of the leading weights with small fish also needed to secure vital points in this pairs qualifier fished on the GUC at Glen Parva & South Wigston.

Local anglers, Joe Oakes (Middy/Wigston AS) and Tom Pringle (Wigston AS) put their venue knowledge to good use by finishing 1st and 3rd in their respective 23 peg zones and win the competition.

Joe also won the match individually from the Manor stretch (B Section) with 14 lb 2oz of mainly bream & Skimmers on caster and worm over groundbait, backed-up with a few hemp roach caught across to the rushes.
Tom was drawn in A section at Crow Mills and caught roach on hemp tight across to the rushes for 7lb 6oz.

Qualifying Pairs (3 go through to final)

1st           Joe Oakes and Tom Pringle (1st & 3rd in Zones)
nd          Tony Barker & Mick Hatchard (1st & 5th in Zones)
rd           Peter Madeley & Derek Jackson (2nd & 8th in Zones)

Other Individual placings

2nd place individual on the day was Nick Stones (Long Eaton Fed) who also found some bream, skimmers and perch at the Manor section. Nick caught on worm and caster to weigh 11lb 2oz.

3rd individual was Shakespeare/Bait-Tech angler, Tony Barker. Tony was drawn on upstream end peg 1 at Crow Mills and caught 6lb+ of small rudd and 4lbs of skimmers on maggot over groundbait for his 10lb 13oz which was top weight at the Crow Mills section.

In fourth place was Peter Madeley with 8lb 14oz. The Sensas Dams & Lock angler was also drawn at Crow Mills and caught roach, rudd and a 2lb bream across on maggot for 8lb 14oz.

5th Tommy Boyce             Drennan Oxford                  7lb 13oz
th Tom Pringle                  Wigston AS                        7lb 6oz
th Damian Green             Marukyu                              6lb 15oz
th Asa Cooper                                                              6lb 5oz

Colmic UK Leicester Canal Champs

Sun 29
th April 2018 (56 pegs)
- GUC Glen Parva & Wigston, Leics

 The annual Leicester Canal Champs attracted a quality field of anglers from all over the midlands for this year’s Colmic UK sponsored event.

Following heavy rain in the proceeding days, the canal was carrying some colour and the expected roach catches failed to materialise. Instead, skimmers and some quality bream made-up most of the catches with Rudd and the odd bonus Tench also caught.

This year’s Champion and lifting the Ivan Marks Trophy was Browning West Midlands team member, Paul Murrin. Paul was drawn a couple of pegs above the County Arms road bridge and fished pinkie over groundbait to catch some quality bream and skimmers for a winning 13lb 2oz total.

Team mate, Dave Ward, was drawn nearby in the basin at the County Arms section and caught 4 bream on caster over groundbait for 9lb 6oz.

3rd place was local angler, Steve Kirton. Steve fished the section below Westminster Drive and caught skimmers and Rudd on maggot over groundbait for 8lb 7oz.
In 4th place was Chris Close (Colmic Soar Tackle) with 6lb 2oz from the manor section and 5th was Pete Wills (Wigston AS) with 5lb 13oz 8drm.

1st Paul Murrin        Browning West Midlands            13lb 2oz
2nd Dave Ward        Browning West Midlands            9lb 6oz
3rd Steve Kirton       Leicester                                           8lb 7oz
4th Chris Close          Colmic Soar Tackle                         6lb 2oz
5th Pete Wills            Wigston AS                                      5lb 13oz 8drm


Wigston A.S. Dynamite Canal League

Round 5 Sun 1st April 2018 - GUC Loughborough (28 Pegs)

The GUC at Loughborough was in a dour mood for the final round of this Dynamite sponsored league.

Fished on the ‘Boats’ stretch below the swingbridge section, bonus Perch and Bleak featured in most of the leading weights.

Graham Smith (Preston Innovations Black Horse) caught some quality perch on lobworm backed-up with small silvers for a winning 4lb 12oz.
nd place, Paul Taylor’s (Wigston AS) catch of 3lb 15oz was made up mainly of Bleak and a bonus perch. Rob Hemmings (Drennan Leicester) was 3rd with 3lb 1oz. Rob’s catch also including a bonus perch caught on caster.
th Paul Greensmith (Leicester) 2lb 15oz. 5th Martin Almen (Wigston AS) 2lb 14oz 8 drm.

Individual league Champion over the 5 match series (best 4 results) was Graham Smith with 5pts.
nd Tom Pringle (Wigston AS) 6pts. 3rd Andy Pettit 7pts (weight advantage) 4th Martin Almen 7pts. 5th Paul Taylor 8pts.


Wigston A.S. Dynamite Canal League

Round  Sun 25th March 2018 - GUC Glen Parva & Wigston (41 Pegs)

The County Arms stretch at Glen Parva produced all the leading weights on the fourth round of the league with quality roach featuring in many catches.

Local Wigston AS rod, Tom Pringle was drawn on the blue boat above the County Arms Road Bridge and caught quality roach on punch and caster down the track for an excellent 16lb 14oz and 1st Place.
nd place, Dave Mawby, (Wellingborough AC) was further along the stretch and also found quality roach on bread and caster for 12lb 8oz.
rd Steve Pratt (Wigston AS)  weighed 11lb exactly. His catch again coming from the County Arms stretch and made-up mainly of quality roach caught on caster.
th Paul Cowern (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 9lb 5oz and 5th Steve Brooks (Wellingborough AC) 8lb 4oz.

With the final round on Sunday 1st April, there are a number of anglers in with a chance of the overall league champion title sponsored by Dynamite Baits.


Wigston A.S. Dynamite Canal League

Round 3 Sun 11th March 2018 - GUC Loughborough (31 Pegs)

 With parts of the Loughborough canal badly affected by the nearby flooded river Soar, organisers decided to use the Swing Bridge and Boats sections which proved a good decision with most anglers enjoying decent sport from roach, skimmers and the odd bonus bream.

 Way out in-front was in-form Andy Pettit who weighed an excellent 13lb 5oz of skimmers, quality roach and one bonus 3lb bream. Andy was drawn at peg 27 on the Boats section and fished bread punch and casters.

 2nd place Martin Almen (Wigston AS) was drawn at the Swing-bridge section and got his head down for an all small fish catch of roach, skimmers, bleak and gudgeon on punch for 6lb 11oz and to just pip Paul Taylor (Wigston AS) on 6lb 10oz 8drm. Pauls catch from peg 45 on the boats included a bonus 3lb bream along with skimmers and roach on punch.

 4th Place Phil Medhurst (Trabucco Match UK) was also drawn on the boats and again included a bonus bream in his 6lb 2oz catch.
th Tom Pringle (Wigston AS) 5lb 11oz
th Dave Petch (Quorn AS) 5lb 5oz.


Wigston A.S. Dynamite Canal League

 Round 2 Sun 18th February 2018 - GUC Glen Parva, Leics (37 Pegs)

 The recently restocked GUC at Glen Parva in Leicestershire showed some of its future potential for the 2nd round of this Dynamite sponsored canal league.

 Way out in-front with a stunning catch of mainly quality Roach was Paul Taylor (Wigston AS) who weighed a level 30lb and included specimen Roach to 1 1/2lbs.
Paul was drawn on the County Arms section and caught initially on punch before switching to caster fished down the track for the majority of his fish.

2nd Place Steve Oakes, (Wigston AS) weighed 9lb 3oz from the Manor section upstream of Little Glen Road Bridge. Steve caught roach and small skimmers on pinkie over groundbait.
rd place Graham Smith (Black Horse Preston Innovations) caught 6lb 9oz from the County Arms section to pip John Wells (Wigston AS) with 6lb 8oz from below Westminster Drive.
th Adam Nurse (Wigston AS) 5lb 9oz. 6th Bob Ashford (Colmic Soar Tackle) 5lb 5oz.


1st           Paul Taylor                          Wigston AS                                                         30lb 0oz
nd          Steve Oakes                       Wigston AS                                                         9lb 3oz
rd           Graham Smith                   Black Horse Preston Innovations                      6lb 9oz
th           John Wells                          Wigston AS                                                         6lb 8oz
th           Adam Nurse                       Wigston AS                                                         5lb 9oz
th           Bob Ashford                       Colmic Soar Tackle                                           5lb 5oz

The league has three matches remaining and is restricted to 42 pegs. There are a few places availabe and anyone interested in fishing should contact Adam Nurse on 07860 112000.


Wigston A.S. Dynamite Canal League

Round 1 Sun 4th February 2018 - GUC Loughborough (41 Pegs)

Bitterly cold conditions made the going tough for the 41 anglers who fished the 1st round of this Dynamite sponsored league on the canal at Loughborough.

Like most competitors, winner Andy Pettit had to wait a long time to get bites and a switch to caster fished down the track, saw him net some quality roach and perch for 7lb 6oz 8drms from the Albion Pub stretch.

2nd place, Graham Smith (Preston Innovations Black Horse) was drawn at the Scrapyard section and caught quality perch on lobworm backed-up with some silvers for 4lb 4oz.

3rd place Steve Darlison was also drawn at the scrapyard and had a late run of perch on caster fished down the track for 2lb 15oz 8drms.

There was tie for fourth place with Andy Curless and Steve Gardner both weighing 2lb 4oz from the Albion Pub and Hawes Plat sections respectively.

1st                           Andy Pettit                                         7lb 6oz 8drms
nd                          Graham Smith                                   4lb 4oz
rd                           Steve Darlison                                   2lb 15oz 8drms
Joint 4
th                 Andy Curless & Steve Gardner       2lb 4oz
th                           Rob Bradshaw                                   2lb 0oz


SUN 17th   DEC 2017 (30 PEGS)


 Anglers had to break thick ice to fish the annual fur & feather match fished on the Glen Parva and Kilby Bridge sections of the GUC.

Despite very difficult conditions, most sections were won with over 2lbs.
Nuneaton angler Andy Pettit who has previously won the Leic Canal Champs, was top rod on the day with 5lb 10oz from the moorings above the wires at Glen Parva.

Andy's catch consisted mainly of qulaity Roach taken on caster down the track. 

Wigston A.S. chairman, Steve Pratt was the best weight at the kilby bridge section and took 2nd palce overall with 3lb 12oz of skimmers and roach taken on bread punch.

Bread punch was also the successful bait for 3rd placed Martin Lane with 3lb 9oz and fourth place Chris Close (Soar Coilmic Tackle) with 3lb 1oz. both catches were taken at the Glen Parva stretch.

26th March 2017 (21 pegs)

Wigston A.S. Open Match – GUC Loughborough

The last round of the 6 match series fished on the Loughborough Canal, saw lots of small fish weights in this non-Bloodworm & Joker match.

Winner, Joe Oakes recorded his third match win in the series with 8lb 12oz 8 drm of mainly small roach, perch and bottle-top skimmers. Joe was drawn on the Little Moor Lane section and fished maggot & caster over groundbait.

Second place was John Wells with 7lb 10oz of roach and perch caught on maggot & caster over groundbait from the Scrapyard section. Just a couple of pegs away was third-placed Joff Woodget with 7lb 9oz of small fish caught on squatt & pinkie over groundbait.
Fourth place was Steve Brooks with 6lb 3oz 8drm from the Little Moor Lane Section.

In the overall series, Joe Oakes took first place, narrowly beating Richard Packwood and Steve Oakes into second and third places respectively.

Match Results
st           Joe Oakes                           Middy International        8lb 12 oz 8drm
nd          John Wells                          Wigston A.S.                      7lb 10oz
rd           Joff Woodget                    Sensas UK                           7lb 9oz
th           Steve Brooks                     Browning                             6lb 3oz 8drm
th           Paul Wood                          Melton Angling                 5lb 15oz
th           Rob Hemmings                 Wreake AC                         5lb 14oz

League Results (Counting 5 best matches)
st           Joe Oakes
nd          Richard Packwood
rd           Steve Oakes
th           Phil Tirrell
th           Steve Pratt
th           Paul Taylor         

Left to right, Richard Packwood (2nd), Joe Oakes (1st) & Steve Oakes (3rd).


Sunday 19th March 2017 (30 pegs)

Wigston A.S. Leicester Canal Champs

Quality fish dominated the annual Leicester Canal Champs fished on the GUC at Kilby Bridge, Glen Parva and Blaby.

The Kilby Bridge section provided the top 3 places, with skimmers, perch and rudd making up the leading weights.

Winner, John Wells (Wigston A.S.) was drawn on the reed beds at Kilby and fished caster and maggot at 13m when the strong winds allowed to temp several skimmers and perch for his winning 10lb 3oz.

Former “Leicester Likely Lad”, Pete Jayes was also drawn on the reed beds and he too, caught mainly skimmers and perch for his 2nd placed 8lb.

Third place, went to ex-local angler, Bob Ashford who made the long trip down from his home in North Wales worthwhile with a level 7lb.

1st           John Wells          10lb 3oz
nd          Pete Jayes          8lb
rd           Bob Ashford       7lb
th           Steve Pratt         6lb 14oz

Wigston A.S. open - Sunday 12th March 2017

The Kilby Bridge section of the GUC was the place to draw on the latest Wigston A.S. open.
Whilst other sections produced plenty of small fish, it was big fish that dominated at Kilby Bridge.

Way out in-front with an excellent 22lb 1oz was Richard Packwood. Richard caught Bream, skimmers and a tench on mainly bread punch fished long on the mouth of the basin below Kilby Bridge.
nd Place, Ronnie Hodgson was drawn in the basin and like the winner, caught mainly on bread punch for his 9lb 12oz mixed net.
rd Place, Paul Taylor caught quality perch on worm and caster for 9lb 5oz. Paul was pegged above   the road bridge at Kilby Bridge,

1st           Richard Packwood          Leicester              22lb 1oz
nd         Ronnie Hodgson              Quorn                   9lb 12oz
rd          Paul Taylor                        Wigston AS         9lb 5oz
th          Pete Wootton                   Wigston AS         5lb 1oz

12th Feb 2017 (22 pegs)

Wigston A.S. Open GUC Loughborough

Rain, sleet and icy winds made the going tough for the latest Wigston A.S. open match fished on the GUC at Loughborough.

Middy International sponsored Angler, Joe Oakes made the most of a fancied draw on the ‘Wides’ at the Scrap yard section to win with 6lb 5oz. Joe’s catch consisted of roach, chubletts and a bonus 10oz skimmer caught on bread punch and caster.

At the next peg was Joe’s dad, Steve Oakes who made it a family 1-2, taking 2nd place with 4lb 15oz 8 drm of roach and perch caught on caster over groundbait.

3rd place, Brian Holmes, caught 4lb 9oz of mainly perch on caster fished down the track on the Little Moor Lane section to pip Steve Gardner and Rob Hemmings who both weighed 4lb 8oz.

1st           Joe Oakes           Middy International        6lb 5oz
nd          Steve Oakes       Wigston A.S.                    4lb 15oz 8drm
rd           Brian Holmes     Quorn A.S.                       4lb 9oz
th         Rob Hemmings Wreake A.C.                       4lb 8oz
th         Steve Gardner  Wigston A.S.                       4lb 8oz
th           Joff Woodgett   Sensas UK                         4lb 5oz 8drm     

The next Wigston A.S. open match is on Sunday 12th March. For more information, please contact Adam Nurse on 07860 112000.

5th Feb 2017 (25 pegs)

Wigston A.S. Open Match GUC Loughborough

 The latest Wigston AS open on the GUC at Loughborough, saw the 25 competing anglers weigh-in an average of over 4lb per angler as small roach fed throughout the length, backed up with some quality perch and skimmers.

 Top rod on the day was Rob Bradshaw, who’s 8lb 9oz catch was made up of mainly quality Perch caught on red maggot fished down the track at the Boat Pub Section.

 2nd Place was Phil Tirrell with 7lb 6oz. Phil was drawn at the Scrapyard section and caught mainly roach on punch.

 3rd Placed, Richard Packwood was just behind on 7lb 4oz with a mixed net of roach and perch caught from the Little Moor Lane section fishing pinkie over ground bait and chopped worm.

 4th Placed, Steve Pratt, was drawn at the scrap yard section and caught quality roach and a few skimmers on casters down the track for his 6lb 14oz.


1st           Rob Bradshaw                   Wigston AS         8lb 9oz
nd          Phil Tirrell                         Wigston AS         7lb 6oz
rd           Richard Packwood            Leicester             7lb 4oz
th           Steve Pratt                        Wigston AS         6lb 14oz
th           Tony Marshall                   Quorn AS             6lb 12oz
th           Steve Oakes                      Wigston AS         6lb 9oz

29thth Jan 2017 (25 pegs)

Wigston A.S. Open Match GUC Leicestershire

Competitors fishing the latest Wigston A.S. open match on the GUC at Glen Parva & Kilby Bridge had to break the ice to fish following consecutive nights of sub-zero temperatures.
Not surprisingly, sport was tough for the 25 anglers who braved the cold wet weather with only small fish willing to feed

Top rod on the day was Paul Wood of Melton Angling who pole-fished bread-punch in the basin at Kilby Bridge for a winning net of small roach totalling 3lb 4oz

Second placed, Phil Tirrell (Wigston AS) was drawn below the lock on the Manor section at Glen Parva and also fished punch for 2lb 9oz of small roach ahead of Martin Almen with 2lb 6oz.

1st           Paul Wood                         Melton Angling                  3lb 4oz
nd          Phil Tirrell                          Wigston AS                         2lb 9oz
rd           Martin Almen                    Loughborough                    2lb 6oz
th           Mark Roberts                    Wigston AS                         2lb 5oz


15th Jan 2017 (23 pegs)

Wigston A.S. Open Match GUC Loughborough Sunday

The factory wall section of the GUC at Loughborough was hard going for the 23 anglers who braved the cold weather and driving rain on the latest Wigston A.S. open match.

Leading the way was Middy backed angler Joe Oakes who pole-fished bread-punch at 5 metres for a winning net of small roach totalling 6lb 7oz.

Second placed, Paul Taylor (Wigston AS) found some quality perch on chopped worm and caster to add to his small roach to record 5lb 10oz  to pip Richard Packwood (Leicester) with 5lb 8oz and Martin Halford (Sensas UK) on 5lb 5oz.

1st           Joe Oakes                        Middy                6lb 7oz
nd          Paul Taylor                       Wigston AS       5lb 10oz
rd           Richard Packwood           Leicester           5lb 8oz
th           Martin Halford                 Sensas UK        5lb 5oz

Sun 8th January 2017

Wigston A.S. Mick Holohan Memorial Open Match

The annual Mick Holohan memorial match fished on the GUC at Kilby Bridge and Glen Parva was a sell-out with 41 anglers competing.

Despite the canal being frozen over 24hrs earlier, some good weights were recorded and out in front was Northampton based Martin Lane who took an excellent catch of mainly large Perch for a total weight of 19lb 2oz. Martin was drawn on the reedbeds downstream of Kilby Bridge Basin and fished caster and pinkie at 11m over groundbait.
nd Place, Steve Fletcher (Wreake AC) was drawn on the Manor section at Glen Parva and had a mixed net of big skimmers and roach on Breadpunch. 3rd place, Hughie Blair (Wigston AS) had a similar catch scaling 6lb 5oz, also from the Manor Section to just pip another Wigston Rod, Phil Tirrell with 6lb 4oz.

1st           Martin Lane        19lb 1oz
nd          Steve Fletcher     8lb 2oz
rd           Hughie Blair       6lb 5oz
th           Phil Tirrell           6lb 4oz
th           Pete Wootton     5lb 8oz     

Sunday 18th DECEMBER 2016 (24 pegs) 


Daiwa Dorking rod, Richie Reynolds was the clear winner of the Wigston A.S. annual Fur & Feather open match fished on the canalised section of the River Soar at Aylestone.

Drawn downstream of Middleton Street bridge, Richie pole-fished mainly caster down the middle and across to the trees to tempt quality fish including bream, perch, roach and a small bonus carp for his winning 25lb 15oz net.

Second place went to local angler Tom Pringle (Wigston A.S.) with 10lb 10oz.  Tom was drawn down stream of Canal Street Bridge and his catch consisted of mainly Perch caught on chopped worm and caster.

Third and fourth places were also filled by Wigston A.S. anglers with Phil Tirrell taking 3rd with 8lb 2oz, ahead of Pete Wootton on 6lb 12oz.